Embrace Oregon


Embrace Oregon is a growing movement that partners community members with the state’s child welfare system to serve the children and families that DHS serves.

Embrace Oregon is not a scripted program. It’s an idea. It’s a concept. It’s a movement asking the key question, “What would it look like if we as a community lived into embracing the most vulnerable children among us?”
It’s no mystery as to where the most vulnerable children in our community go – right through the doors of a Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Welfare office. What started off with Welcome Boxes – small, age appropriate boxes of items to be given to comfort children while awaiting placement in a DHS Child Welfare office has now blossomed into a vibrant community led movement.

There are number of ways to get involved with Embrace Oregon. Whether you’re an individual, family, small group, faith community or local business, we welcome you to be part of transforming our most vulnerable communities through our many initiatives of partnerships.

We demonstrate hospitality to those working at DHS through making interpersonal connections between the community and DHS.

We share real stories of foster and adoptive parents, DHS staff, birth parents and caring community members who are striving to make a positive difference.

We create awareness for the need for more foster and adoptive families as we seek to empower our community to love their neighbors.

We personally connect people inquiring about foster care or adoption with a warm and knowledgable person at DHS in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties who can respond.

Please check out EmbraceOregon.org and contact us at Info@embraceoregon.org if you’re interested in becoming more involved in this growing movement.


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